Product Manufacture​


From correct part specification through to sourcing manufacturers around the globe, I’m able to help get your product to market in the shortest possible lead times.

Tolerance studies and stack-ups


Tolerances are used to tell your supplier how much size variation is acceptable in each part, without compromising product functionality or assembly.


Overly tight specifications lead to ‘precision’ parts – parts that will cost you a premium for no benefit. Worse, parts that are too ‘loose’ in tolerance can lead to products that won’t fit together.


A tolerance study eliminates the risk of these two outcomes occurring, resulting in less correspondence with the manufacturer, less tuning of off tool parts, and less time taken for your concept to ‘hit the shelves’.


Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing


Complicated organic surfaces can be accurately dimensioned using Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T). Equally importantly, GD&T can more accurately convey design intent for simple things like hole size and location – creating more ‘relaxed’ tolerances for your manufacturer without jeopardising or compromising the design’s concept or quality. Relaxed, easier to achieve tolerances will generally mean cheaper parts.


I use GD&T to accurately specify complicated surfaces, and to reduce your part costs through more relaxed, but equally functional tolerancing.


I was taught GD&T by the masters – Toyota Motor Corporation Japan - and now use it on all of my drawings. If you’re not using it, you may be compromising your design, or over-specifying and paying too much for parts, or both.


Get in touch with me to discuss how using GD&T could benefit you.

Global Manufacturer Sourcing


With an extensive network of manufacturers throughout Australia and Asia, I can source a manufacturer capable of achieving the quality your product deserves, at a price that’s more than attractive.


Design Documentation


All Mulk drawings are created to AS1100 standards. My drawings communicate design intent and function as simply as possible, meaning your manufacturer understands exactly what is required, what their responsibilities are, and what will (and won’t) meet the design specification.


Off Tool Samples and Off Tool Sample Reports


Mulk can assess your off-tool samples for accuracy and function, and then feedback to suppliers the changes required. Language barriers with international suppliers can be tricky, and knowing how to communicate problems quickly and accurately to an off-shore manufacturer can save months of pain and frustration.


I’ve been communicating with suppliers all over the globe for over ten years. My reports are thorough and communicate effectively with any supplier, regardless of nationality or language spoken.