Design Engineering​


Mulk develops products that work, suitable for the conditions and parameters they were designed for. Contact Mulk to get your product ready for use.

Design optimisation


How strong is your design? How strong does it need to be? Most Product Designers assume that their product needs to be stronger, or that being stronger is desirable. Often though, this results in excessive, wasted material, lower profit margins and higher sell prices.


Using an FEA package developed by NASA, I can optimise your part’s design to use material efficiently – to be strong in areas of the part that experience high stress, and reduce material in areas where stress is less concentrated. By using this process the cost of the part is kept at a minimum, without jeopardising product performance.


Ergonomic and Anthropometric



How much force will the user exert on your design? How big are ‘average’ hands? What is the ‘reasonable limit’ that the design should accommodate when it comes to a user’s height or weight? How will a user approach your product?


Mulk can help you to understand user-product interaction, and how to better accommodate and design for a wider range of consumers, resulting in a larger potential market.


Mold flow analysis


Performing mould flow analysis before paying for an expensive tool is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to achieve a quality tool design. I can provide you with mould flow analysis, fill times, suggest gate positions, and even highlight potential problems with sink or warping in your parts. All mould flow analysis is done with plastic industry standard software – not the ‘add-ons’ that are often sold with mid-range CAD packages.

Risk Minimisation


Often we think the design is good enough or strong enough – but can we really be sure?


I’m able to conduct a failure analysis to find the weak points in your design, and reduce or eliminate them. This results in a design and product you can have faith in – reducing your exposure to risk and a failed product.


FEA Analysis


Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA), I’m able to identify stress concentrators and failure points with a high degree of accuracy. This reduces costly prototype testing, and leads to faster design iteration cycles. Faster iterations mean faster time to market, and less time and money spent on development.


The FEA Analysis software I use is far in advance of the basic software usually sold as an ‘add-on’ to mid-range CAD packages. I can perform FEA on your CAD regardless of the software you used to create it. Contact me and I’ll show you how FEA can have a huge and positive impact on your project, and your bottom line.