About Me (Peter Mulqueen)


After studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Product Design), I entered the automotive sector, going on to be a Design Engineer for several major automotive manufacturers, including Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan.


I left the automotive sector to build on my passion for quality execution in design, working with design consultancies, before landing in commercial furniture.


It was within commercial furniture that I saw the potential for quality design to have a massive impact on a company’s profit. Inspired by this, I set up Mulk Design to help Industrial Designers and Creative Professionals to get their product ideas and concepts to market with as little compromise as possible, but for maximum profit.


Drop me a line to chat about your concept or project, and how I can help you to get it out there!

About Mulk Design​


I started Mulk Design specifically to help product designers, industrial designers, and design driven companies effectively develop products and get them to market faster, in less time with less risk and less compromise, but more profit.


After years working as a Product Design Engineer both locally and internationally, for massive global organisations such as Toyota Motor Corporation Japan, through to small Australian design consultancies, I know the difference a creative and capable Design Engineer can make to product execution and project completion.


I love working with design driven professionals to create superior products, and I’m passionate about good quality design.


I work personally and directly with my clients in a way larger organisations aren’t able to. When you talk to me you know you’re talking to the designer and engineer - the person doing the work, not my ‘business development manager’, or ‘client liaison’.


Contact me today, so I can help you to execute your project to the level it deserves.

Mulk Product Development Process


When Industrial Designers or creative professionals are forced to develop a product based on outdated, automotive based, product development processes, often work that’s already been completed is repeated, or worse, their skillset, knowledge and expertise is overlooked by the engineer.


This problem is compounded when creative people have already commenced a design, or have completed many of the stages, and possibly in ‘the wrong order’ according to these generalised, traditional processes.


The Mulk process is an open and collaborative one, a tailor made process that will leverage your existing knowledge, and any work you’ve done to date. This ensures you get the design engineering input you need, without wasting time on things that you don’t.