Product Development​


Mulk can take you design through to its full potential – I understand the difference between good design and great design, and I’m driven to make the concepts I work with great designs.

Innovative Design Engineering


Getting your product to market requires more than a simple risk analysis – it often requires creative thinking and imaginative engineering in order to achieve a desired aesthetic or functional outcome.


I’ve been active in design engineering for almost 15 years, with several of my mechanisms patented, and many in heavy use today. I know what it takes to make your design come to life.


If you need an engineer that can think ‘outside the square’, get in touch – I’d love to discuss your project.


Sustainable Design


Mulk can accurately estimate the impact your product will have on the environment over its’ full life cycle, and recommend ways to minimise it. From the processing of raw materials, to the packaging of the product, to the nautical miles shipped, I'm able to give you an indication of the environmental effects in various categories, including carbon foot print, energy consumption, and even effects on ocean acidification.


Coupled with part optimization, this is a very powerful tool for improving your products environmental impact, and capitalising on this in the market.


Industry leading CAD capabilities


Translating your ideas into CAD is one of the most important stages in the product development process. I understand how surface and CAD model quality affect the final product outcome. I’m well versed in Automotive grade, class ‘A’ surfacing, and I was one of the first 8 Westerners to be granted a license to operate CAD within Toyota Motor Corporation Japan. This means I can get your idea happening, regardless of design complexity.


CAD modelling protocols and techniques can have a huge impact on the time it takes to get your product to market. I use industry leading protocols and processes – so design changes or tweaks take the minimum amount of time possible, getting your product out there sooner.


Patent Drawings


Timing of your patent application can be an important part or your overall product development strategy. When the time comes, Mulk is able to help you in the preparation of the patent drawings quickly and efficiently.

Design for Manufacture


In a world where your product may be manufactured at the end of your street, or on the other side of the planet, minimising potential design related manufacture issues will save you significant amounts of time and money. With a long history in communicating design intent to international suppliers, Mulk is the right choice to communicate your design concept, and eliminate supplier confusion, ensuring the minimum time spent on tooling issues, getting you product to consumers faster.


Design for assembly and disassembly


Does your product require occasional servicing? Or is it the kind of design that never breaks down? Is it necessary to be disassembled for recycling at the end of life?


Product use, serviceability and reliability are likely to shape your design’s assembly methods. I can advise you on which assembly method is best for your design.


Don’t estimate assembly forces, or use online ‘design guides’ that don’t refer to your material grade or particular part geometry. Avoid costly tooling mistakes. Get Mulk to do the design calculations, a qualified and experienced engineer – it’s a simple part of the design, but also the simplest part to get wrong.


Prototyping and 3D Printing


Using a network of local and international product prototypers, I can source quality prototyping services for your product.


3D printing is now cheap enough and fast enough to be used throughout the design process to check mechanical concepts, aesthetics and ergonomics. I can help you to use this technology to vastly improve your product, and significantly reduce your product development time and testing cycles.