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Mulk Design provides innovative product design engineering and product development services to industrial designers, creative professionals, and design led companies throughout Melbourne, Australia and the world.


Whether you’re an individual product designer, a small design-led business, or a multi-national design consultancy, Mulk can help you develop your products faster, with less risk, and for greater profit.

Product Development


Through Mulk Design, I work to develop your concept to the best of its potential. Whether it’s adding the final ‘5%’ to your design using my network of award winning Industrial Designers, developing CAD based on your initial sketches, or taking your design through to a ‘manufacture ready’ state, Mulk is able to develop your product to a world class standard, with an eye on generating the maximum profit for you and your enterprise.


I know the value of design, and I want to see the products I work on succeed.

Design Engineering


I can help you ready your concept for use, by ensuring it’s robust enough for service, or uses the least amount of material possible without compromising strength, therefore maximising your profit.


A qualified product design engineer, using NASA developed FEA analysis software, I use industry leading techniques to perform high level analysis, and communicate the results and recommendations back to you in plain English.


Product Manufacture


Mulk’s part specification services will give you confidence that the product you’ve designed is exactly what you’ll receive from the manufacturer.


I achieve this through mold flow analysis, part optimization for manufacture, tolerance stack ups and correct part specification and documentation, to name just a few examples.


Through my network of suppliers throughout Australia and Asia, I can even help you to source and cost manufacture.

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